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Custom Lemo Style Cable

Our most premium cable is now available. With luxurious MDPC-X, made in Germany, double-layered with Tech-Flex on the outside to ensure the longevity of the cable. Offering a sleek and minimal LEMO style connector that adds to the premium design. With various MDPC-X colors to choose from, this by far is the most elegant cord that has yet to be released.


- USB-C to Connector is 6 inches

- Host end in Feet

- Techflex with MPCD-X core

- Heat shrink of your choice

Have a theme in mind but need help designing it? or have a connector color you want but do not see? Please contact support and we would love to help you out. We can do custom cerakote colors, cerakote FX and many other cerakote finishes. 

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