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For enthusiasts, by enthusiasts

What makes our cables special?

Cerakote connectors done in-house.

Cerakote is a durable yet beautiful ceramic paint that lets us make your dream cable come true, all done by our trained professionals. These are not your standard aviator connectors either. We offer genuine LEMOs or optional budget variants. We provide various effects, from splatters, color shifts, or accent-colored pieces pictured to the left.   

MDPC-X XTC German Sleeving.

MDPC-X is the creme de la creme of sleeving. There are many cheaper alternatives, but we use only the highest-quality sleeving. This sleeving offers unparalleled consistency and quality.

With some of our themed cables, we even offered hand-dyed MDPC-X to match your end-game keyboard perfectly. Pictured to the right is our Frost Witch themed cable, which comes with our hand-dyed and color-matched cerakoted connectors to perfectly pair with any purple keycap set, or in this case, GMK Frost Witch.



Lindy Cables.

LINDY cables are some of our favorite cables to produce, not only do they pair perfectly with any end-game keyboard, they also bring back an unmatched old-school vibe..   

Tight coils.

Loose coils are ugly and flop around everywhere. Frequently, these are made cheaply across the sea with no craftsmanship. Our coils will last you for eternity while looking beautiful on your desk when taken care of. With your beautiful keyboard collection, there should be no reason for your to settle for a lesser cable.

Here, all cables are made to-order. What does this mean? It means each cable is catered perfectly to you with our customizers available with each cable. 

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