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Q: Can I send switches in to get lubed?

A: Yes, just fill out the switch commission form and read the instructions. Form

Q: Do we hand lube our switches?

A: Yes, but we bag lube all the springs with 105 oil. This allows us to still provide an even lubing while maintaining high quality coverage with faster turn around times.

Q: Are all cables made to order and what is the turnaround time?

A: All cables are made to order except the smokey LINDY Cables. Each cable is perfectly catered to you with our configurator to best suit your needs. Lead times can be anywhere between 1-4 weeks depending on the complexity and cable purchased. You can always feel free to reach out to our support for an accurate estimate. 

Q: What are your shipping and processing times?

A: Depends on items, usually fulfillment time is 7-15 days. Broken in switches and cables may take longer due to per order fulfillment required.

Q: Why did I receive all my items and I am still being informed via the Shop App that there are still missing items in my order that have not been delivered?

A: In this case, you had added route insurance protection to your order insuring that your order arrives with no harm. This insurance is not a shippable item hence the message. 

Q: Am I able to edit an order after it was placed? (not a refund)

A: If the currency in which you placed the order is in USD and the order has not been fulfilled, please reach out to our discord and @LoobedSwitches in your support ticket to receive expedited assistance.