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Durock Plate-Mounted Stabilizers White

Brand new plate-mount stabilizer kits from Durock, these come with stainless steel wires. Black & white color housing options are available and every kit comes with: 4x 2u stabilizers, either 1x 6.25 stabilizer

Make sure you know what kind of stabilizers your PCB supports, most mass-produced keyboards, like Drop ALT/CTRL, use plate mounted (clip-in) stabilizers.  While most DIY keyboards use PCB mounted (screw-in) stabilizers.

Durock Plate Mounted Stabilizers:

4x 2u stabilizers, 1x 6.25 stabilizer

Black or White color for housings

A syringe filled with 3ml of dielectric grease to aid in tuning stabilizers once already placed in the board. The small flat tip needle is not only safe but allows you to apply dielectric grease in tight areas. One of my personal favorite tools when tuning stabilizers with rattle or ticking.

Is good for around 20 keyboards depending on use. 

All stabilizers are clipped. This is where the bottom part of the stem is trimmed to prevent any PCB damage and unwanted noise.

I am not responsible for any lube that happens to seep out during shipping, thins out, or alters during transit. I always apply more than I should as some lube may leak during shipping. 

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