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Cotton Candy Switches

Featuring, our very own switch that is Loobed exclusive. A cute and yummy cotton candy, light tactile switch that both linear and tactile gang can enjoy. With a beautiful pink housing and a pastel blue stem, these switches are a must for any collection. 


Shoobs Switch Review/Sound Test

Sold in packs, 1 Quantity = 10 switches

ALL lubed variants are with Tribosys 3204 and deskeys filmed. 


-Light tactile

-Manufactured by JWK

-Nylon top and bottom housing

-POM stem

-58g Lengthened gold-plated spring, 19mm, 48g Actuation 

-Lightly oiled from factory, can easily lube over oil

Regional Vendors:
[Asia] Monstargear

[UK] MechMods

[Malaysia] AxiomStudios

[OCE] KeebzNCables

Stem Legs are not lubed to retain tactility 

Thank you Captain.Sterling for the beautiful pic


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