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The Fuji Blend
The Fuji Blend
The Fuji Blend

The Fuji Blend


Discover the harmonious blend of two distinct coffee origins with "The Fuji" Coffee Roast. This exceptional roast combines the best of Colombian and Burundian coffee beans to create a coffee experience that is truly unparalleled in flavor, aroma, and complexity.


- Medium Roast

- 10 oz

- Fully Washed

- Origin: Colombia and Burundi

- Notes of Chocolate, Carmel, Berries, and Citrus

Key Features:
  1. Dual-Origin Delight: "The Fuji" brings together the finest coffee beans from the rolling hills of Colombia and the lush landscapes of Burundi. This dual-origin blend marries the unique characteristics of each region, resulting in a coffee that's rich, diverse, and utterly satisfying.

  2. Colombian Elegance: The Colombian beans in "The Fuji" provide a solid foundation for this roast. Known for their medium body and bright acidity, Colombian coffee beans contribute a lively and balanced profile that forms the backbone of this blend.

  3. Burundian Complexity: The Burundian beans introduce a layer of complexity to "The Fuji." These beans are prized for their fruity and floral notes, offering a delightful twist to the cup. With hints of berries