Q: Do you guys offer NK Creams?

A: No, Durock POM's are a much better overall switch and highly recommend.

Q: Do you guys offer any switches that are not on the site?

A: No, with orders being so busy, fulfilling order outside of shopify is too difficult at this time.

Q: Do we ship internationally?

A: If the country is not currently supported on the website, then we dont offer shipping there at this moment. Sorry EU people, recent updates have forced us to stop shipping. :(

Q: Do we hand lube our switches?

A: Yes, but we bag lube all the springs with 105 oil. This allows us to still provide an even lubing while maintaining high quality coverage with faster turn around times.

 Q: What are the turn-around times?

A: We strive to get orders shipped within 4 days. Sometimes it can be shorter or longer depending on the products, and size of orders. Update currently at 2 week delay