6 Lubed Switch Tester

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Can't decide what switches you want? Here are 6 of my favorite switches, although mostly linear, there are some for my tactile lovers. The switches included are EG Dark Jades, Alpacas V2, Lavenders, Durock T1, Gateron V2 Black Inks, and Durock POM. There will be an acrylic switch tester, lubed switches, and clear keycaps all included in the box. All funds from this pre-order are to aid with the initial cost of these testers. My hope is that by purchasing this, you are able to find out what switches you like and what are best for you.

***These 6 switches will rest on an acrylic switch tester with clear keycaps***

 If you want any changes to the switches offered, email me or msg me on discord and I will switch it out with the switches I offer.

Switches are subject to change if the availability of the switches alters.