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For enthusiast, lubed by enthusiast.

What makes our lubing process special?

Hand-lubed all done in-house

Do you want to make sure your lube job is consistent? Well, don't worry; with our in-house lubing, we can ensure consistency throughout your keyboard. Our expert team has over two million+ switches lubed and many more counting.  

Krytox 205 Grade 0 & Tribosys 3204

For all linear switches, Krytox 205 Grade 0 is used. This is by far the most popular lube for all the right reasons. With a thicker viscosity, smoother actuation and return are guaranteed. Tribosys 3204 is our go-to for all tactile switches due to its thinner viscosity.

Frequently, when using a thicker lube for tactiles, the bump during actuation can be diminished. Therefore, we use the tried and true Tribosys 3204 to ensure that the tactility is still there while offering a smoother key press.

Springs and Films

On of the most common issues with switches from the factory is the amount of springs and spring ping. Inconsistent and noisy springs are one of the worst feelings while typing. Dont worry, because we carefully oil each spring with GPL 105 oil which coats the entire spring to ensure there is no pinging on your down stroke.

Cherry switches have been known for their outstanding sound and feel. One issue that has always plagued their line up is crunchy and inconsistent springs. Due to this, we spring swap all Cherry switches to your preferred actuation weight with TX Long springs. Not only does this give our customers a personalized feel, but gives you a consistent and optimal spring. 

Most switches nowadays do not benefit much from films. However, Cherry switches still do. We use nothing but the highest quality films from Deskey. These films reduce vibration of the housing, reduce stem wobble and positively benefit the accoustics of switches. These come in a 0.3mm thickness and are compressible to best suit Cherry switches. 

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