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Gateron Milky Yellows Lubed

ATTENTION: All switches are provided.

-- Linear Switch -- 

Gateron Yellows is known for being an excellent, low-cost, switch. These switches offer a 5 pin design to be applicable with most hot-swappable keyboards. When lubed, these switches sound and feel incredible. As demonstrated, Gateron Yellows is a great choice for most keyboard enthusiasts looking for linear switches.


-- Lubes -- 


Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0 is a perfect match with linear switches and stabilizers. As GPL 205 is a thick lube, it offers amazing smoothness and stability when applied correctly, a personal favorite of mine. Only a very thin coat is needed due to the viscosity of the lube.

TriboSys 3204 is a great lube recommended for tactile switches but also amazing on linear switches. Due to its low viscosity index and semi-fluid grease attributes, this makes 3204 an excellent lube when applied correctly. With 3204, there is more sound dampening compared to its 3203 counterparts and when applied to silent switches can sound incredible.

TriboSys 3203, similar to 3204 is a great lube for tactile switches and linear switches. With slightly less sound dampening than 3204, it aids in the original feel of the switch with extra smoothness. 

Linked is a great comparison between 3203 and 3204.


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