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Durock V2 Stabilizers Screw-In Smokey Lubed

Version 2 of Durock Stabilizers are screw-in and now upgraded to prevent wire drop out. There are 2 options for the v2 series, clear and smokey. Durock Stabilizers are known to be one of the more luxurious stabilizers especially when lubed.

Comes with spacebar size of choice and 4x2.00u stabs

Stabilizers (often called 'stabs') are keyboard parts that prevent larger keys from wobbling when pressed and help bind the keycap to the switch. They sit next to the keyboard switch to stabilize the keycap when you press it.

All stabilizers housing are lubed with 205 Grade 0 and your choice of lube to use with the wire

A syringe filled with 3ml of dielectric grease to aid in tuning stabilizers once already placed in the board. The small flat tip needle is not only safe but allows you to apply dielectric grease in tight areas. One of my personal favorite tools when tuning stabilizers with rattle or ticking.

Is good for around 20 keyboards depending on use. 


  • Housing Units
  • Stem Units
  • Gold-plated Steel
  • Gold-plated Screws
  • Washers

I am not responsible for any lube that happens to seep out during shipping, thins out, or alters during transit. I always apply more than I should as some lube may leak during shipping. 

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