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Durock Plate-Mounted Stabilizers White

Brand new plate-mount stabilizer kits from Durock, these come with stainless steel wires. Black & white color housing options are available and every kit comes with: 4x 2u stabilizers, either 1x 6.25 stabilizer

Make sure you know what kind of stabilizers your PCB supports, most mass-produced keyboards, like Drop ALT/CTRL, use plate mounted (clip-in) stabilizers.  While most DIY keyboards use PCB mounted (screw-in) stabilizers.

Durock Plate Mounted Stabilizers:

4x 2u stabilizers, 1x 6.25 stabilizer, 1x 7u wire

Black or White color for housings

All stabilizers are clipped. This is where the bottom part of the stem is trimmed to prevent any PCB damage and unwanted noise.

I am not responsible for any lube that happens to seep out during shipping, thins out, or alters during transit. I always apply more than I should as some lube may leak during shipping. 

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