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Cerakote and Keyboard Repair Commissions

Cerakote is a heat resistant, chip resistant, ceramic coating that can be applied to any metal or heat resistant plastic. Any color can be applied with options for color shifts, splatters, fades, metallic pearls, and many more. We even offer free color matching! The possibilities are endless with cerakote. If you are interested in potentially getting a keyboard cerakoted or any other items, please follow the steps down below.

Cerakote Commission Pictures

Keyboard Repairs: In addition to cerakote, we do repair keyboards. Repairs can range from dents large and small to scratches. Repairs start at 20 dollars and are subject to increase depending on the repair. After repair, we then would cerakote your board to provide an even finish throughout. Repairs will not be visible after cerakote. 
If you are interested, please follow the steps down below and state that you are also interested in getting your keyboard repaired.

Weight Cleaning & Weight Patina: Tired of dirty raw weights? We offer natural patina weight cleaning and clear cerakote. This will help protect your weight from any unwanted patina whilst giving it an optional clear or matte coating. 
If you're interested in getting your weight, patina'd, please feel free to contact us and we can show you what we can do!

Patina Images

Commission Steps

 1. Please fill out the form down below for a specific quote, cerakote questions, or any assistance and we will be more than happy to help you out! We may also assist you in finding your preferred color or theme. 

2. Prices are as varies
40%  - Single color - 85 USD 

60/65% - Single color - 110 USD

75% - Single color - 135 USD 

TKL/80% - Single color - 160 USD

Full Sized Keyboard - Single color - 185 USD

3. Upon confirmation of color and/or theme, we will have you ship out your keyboard to our facility that will be provided in the conversation. A piece of paper attached with your preferred method of communication is required. 

4. Preparation: Please only send the items that will be cerakoted screwed together to ensure no damage is caused in transit. Please do not send us any keycaps, PCBS, daughter-boards etc. unless specified.

5. With the arrival of your items, we will proceed with an invoice via the store or paypal with frequent updates regarding the completion of your order. The shipping price included has full insurance for your order up until delivered. Once the items state delivered via the tracking number, we are longer liable for any items. 

If you are interested in any bulk items or collaborations, please feel free to reach out to us via

Prices listed above includes, sand blasting, cleaning, cerakote, and oven curing for a single color. Prices may vary with different effects and colors such as metallic pearls and color shifts.


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