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Olivia cable pre-order

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This themed cable was designed to match GMK Olivia (Light) or (Dark). The beautiful single sleeve solution comes in both coiled or straight. Reach out directly if you would like to add TechFlex.


MDPC-X XTC XXX White (Light) Shade 19 (Dark)
FEMO 1B push/pull connector in Cerakote GMK Olivia Pink
CNC USB shells in Cerakote GMK Olivia Pink
Thick white or black USB cabling used for the respective Light or Dark solution delivering a 5.5mm+ OD truly single sleeve solution.
5' (Host/PC) Cable with gold USB A connector
6" (Device/Keyboard) gold USB C connector

Tech Specs:

USB Cable Rev. 2.0 - 24/28 (4.5 OD) (see it)
MDPC-X XTC (made in Germany) sleeving (see it)

Pre-order ends March 14th

Estimated shipping date is late March

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