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Pine Switches Pre-order

We are proud to announce our newest switch in collaboration with Dotnick. Dotnick is responsible for many beautiful keycap sets such as GMK Lavender, GMK Fright Club, and many more. Pine Switches are the first in the lineup of our new series of switches that feature a custom mold and a beautiful green colorway. 

Sold in packs. 1 Quantity = 10 switches

Sound Test



- POM Full Housing

- POM Stem. 3.5mm

- 61g Double Stage Spring. 20mm

- PCB Mount (5-pin)

- Hand Lubed from factory made with a revised technique for increased consistency 

Pre-order ends February 14th with expected ship date to occur mid-late March
All other items purchased with pine switches during the pre-order will ship together.
Refunds are not permitted 24 hours after purchasing. 

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