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Wisteria V2 Switches
Wisteria V2 Switches
Wisteria V2 Switches

Wisteria V2 Switches


Wisteria v2 switches are finally here! We have made a lot of changes and all-around improvements to these switches compared to the V1 Wisterias. Wisteria v2 switches now feature hand lubrication using Tribosys 3204 and TX Keyboards XL 62g springs. We have also changed manufacturers to be able to offer a more consistent product. Wisteria v2 switches do not need to lubed or filmed, they are perfect out of the box.

Sold in packs of 36 switches

Sound Test by Filled Types


- Linear (Long Pole)

- Hand Lubricated with Tribosys 3204

- TX Keyboards 18mm (XL) 62g Springs

- PC Top Housing

- Nylon Bottom Housing

- Pom Stem

- 3.2mm Bottom Out Travel

- 1.9mm Actuation Travel

- 41g Starting Force

- 49g Actuation Force

- 57g Bottom Out Force

- 5 Pin Construction

- Manufactured by Aflion

Note: Although Wisteria V2 switches use TX "62g" springs, the bottom out force is only 57g. This is due to the switches being long pole, therefore having reduced travel.